Practice Areas

Civil and Criminal Appeals

A trial is had, and a judge has issued a decision. Whether it is a criminal or a civil case, the law allows you the right to appeal the judge’s decision. The attorneys and staff at the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can help you with your appeal, handling the various procedural steps involved, handling the all-important research, drafting, and publication of your legal brief, and representing you at oral argument of the appeal.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen, all the time. Sometimes it is our fault. Often times the negligence of others is to blame. And occasionally, under New York State law, both parties can be found guilty of negligence. Whatever your situation, your injury and whether you believe someone was negligent or not, review your case with the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe. Our firm, sometimes in conjunction with injury case specialists, will review the facts of your car accident, slip & fall, workplace injury, and the like to see if your case merits legal action and whether your injuries merit financial compensation. Call us. Email us. Stop in. We can help you.

Real Estate

Whether buying your first home or selling your last, whether investing in income property or buying a commercial property for your business, the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can help you. We work with you, your Realtor and your lender if applicable to help you get from contract to closing as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We are experienced in first time home buyer programs and work with nonprofit agencies throughout Western New York that provide financial assistance to buyers. We work with investors, and we work with families seeking to sell a property as part of the estate probate process. When you think of real estate, remember the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe.

Estate Planning and Elder Law

Wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies…why are they important? They are the core tools of Estate Planning. The main focus for many people is not only accumulating enough assets to live comfortably later in life, but also ensuring that if the tragic and unexpected happens, their family will be taken care of properly; this, of course, includes taking into account the reality that so many of us will have to plan for nursing homes and Medicaid. The Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can walk you through the process of Estate Planning to ensure that you are taken care of while you are alive, and that, after you pass away, all your assets will pass responsibly through your estate.


After the loss of a loved one, there can be much confusion about what the next – or even first – steps should be. Whether your loved one left a will or not, The Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can help to guide you and your family through these difficult times. Always take the necessary amount of time to process and mourn the loss; only when you are ready, please contact us and we can have a conversation about how to proceed appropriately. Probate is establishing the validity of a will, or in the absence of one, administering the estate following the New York State statutory scheme.

Family Law and Divorce

If you need help with a custody case or prosecuting or defending a child support petition, the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can help you. We have experience and training in these types of cases to help you achieve your goals keeping in mind what is best for your children. Likewise, whether pursuing a divorce or having been served with divorce papers, we can help. Divorces encompass the issues addressed in family court and add on the economic and financial elements of equitable distribution of marital assets, debts, and responsibilities. And all of these issues entail stress, anxiety, and loss. We approach each case with empathy, care, and concern, as well as legal acumen. These are not easy issues to deal with it. We know and will do our best to help you through them.


Sometimes, litigation, hearings, and trials are not the answer, or at least not the best first step to resolving a conflict, be it a custody dispute, a contract dispute or a property boundary dispute. Sometimes, mediation is the best answer or the best first step. The Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe provides mediation services to clients and other lawyers and law firms. Allow us to be that disinterested, dispassionate 3rd party sounding board and mediator to help you, your company or your clients resolve their issue.

Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe, we believe everyone is entitled to zealous defense of their legal rights when accused of a crime, be it a minor traffic violation or a serious felony charge. We handle traffic violations, DWI cases, misdemeanors and felony cases throughout Western New York, from Niagara Falls and Lockport to Buffalo and Batavia, and from Dunkirk and Jamestown to Olean and West Falls. Arrested or charged? Call us. We can help you.

Civil Litigation

Civil disputes are best settled through negotiation and settlement. We work with our clients to attempt to resolve civil disputes, such as contract disputes, business disputes or commercial cases prior to lawsuit whenever possible. But when such resolution is not possible, the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe will litigate your case to help you achieve the results you desire to the best of its ability. If you need to dispute a case or seek defense in a civil dispute, call us. We can help, whether it is a small claim in City and Town Courts or a major case in the New York State Supreme Courts.


Landlords rent apartments to make money. It is a business, not a social service. When tenants do not pay their rent, landlords have the right to evict them. When tenants don’t follow the rules of their lease, landlords can evict them. When tenants cause disruption and a nuisance to you or your other tenants, you can evict your tenant. The Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe can help you. Call us. You have rights, landlords. We will educate you, advocate for you and work with you.

Tenants' Rights

Yes, tenants have rights too, though many tenants do not even know what rights they have. Due to recent changes in the New York State Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law that governs the rights of landlords and tenants, tenants now have more rights and protections in the Landlord/Tenant relationship. If you are worried that your Landlord is not holding up his or her end of the relationship, or you have been served with any court paperwork for eviction, or if you simply want an attorney to review a lease for an apartment before you sign it, please contact the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe as soon as possible to preserve and protect your rights as a Tenant.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosures are a significant problem across the State of New York, and, due to recent changes in both local and state laws, as well as changes in the real estate and lending markets, they could be on the rise again. As a homeowner, you have many rights against the banks in a foreclosure action; the moment you know you are going to start missing mortgage payments, call the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe so that we can walk you through the potential consequences, as well as defenses and actions that can be taken on your behalf. If you are already a defendant in an open foreclosure case, please call our office, regardless of how far along in the process you are. You have rights that protect you from unfair practices. We can help.